Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How much does Iridium cost?

There are three fees associated with Iridium – an integration charge, a monthly access charge, and a charge per courier connected to per month. Please contact us for more details.

Q?What courier APIs does Iridium connect us to?

Iridium can connect you or your website to any number of couriers, but here are the APIs for some of the world’s leading courier firms that Iridium was designed to collaborate with:
•    City Link ftpBatchBook
•    City Link remote Label generation
•    City Sprint CityBridge API
•    DHL XML-PI services
•    DPD’s API
•    FedEx WebServices
•    TNT Express Connect
•    UK Mail Consignor Live
•    UPS Web Services

Q?Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. We believe in clients using our service because they recognise the value of doing so, not because they are locked into long-term contracts with us. That is why we charge our clients on a month-by-month basis. You can terminate that relationship anytime you like.

Q?How robust is this tool?

As software designers for almost a decade and a half, you’d imagine that we know a thing or two about creating robust software solutions. That’s why we use tried and tested programming languages such as PHP and HTML5 to create our innovative solutions. Just in case you are not a techie, these are the languages that Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo were founded on. We use open standards, so our solutions can easily be integrated, and we have a browser-based user interface, which ensures solutions are platform independent.

Q?Is Iridium supported?

Absolutely. All of our software solutions, whether our flagship Iridium or others that we create bespoke for our clients, are supported, maintained and updated to always ensure optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Q?What businesses use Iridium?

Iridium can be used by any business that is looking for a leading-edge parcel booking and management system for their own fleet of vehicles or as a connection with any one or more courier firms. Essentially this means that Iridium is ideal for:
•    Couriers (from start up to multinational)
•    Courier comparison websites
•    Ecommerce businesses
•    Retailers

Q?What are Iridium’s features?

Because there are so many features and functions that could appeal to such a wide variety of businesses we have decided to create a page dedicated to some of the most important. Click here to go to our Iridium Features page, or for more information, and to see how Iridium might suit your organisation’s specific needs, please do feel free to contact us.

Q?What other services are offered by Exigen?

Iridium is our flagship software solution for couriers and retailers, but at our core we are developers and designers. We create websites and apps, bespoke software solutions and plugins. To see more about our broader services dedicated to helping your business to do more business click here to go to our Bespoke Design & Development page. Alternatively, you could always give us a call or send us an email.

Q?Can I use Iridium to manage my own fleet?

Yes. Despite the fact that Iridium was created to help couriers and retailers connect with numerous courier partners, it can also be used to help you manage your own bookings and shipments if you simply wish to direct your own fleet of vehicles.

Q?What if I don’t have a website?

No problem. Firstly, if you are starting up a retail, courier, ecommerce or courier comparison business we can help you by designing and developing a spectacular website. Secondly, if you are a retailer with no intention of selling online, we can offer you our Returns solution which connects to any website so customers who buy from your high street shops can book a collection (and pay for it where appropriate) through your non-ecommerce website. This not only speeds up the whole process through automation, but it enables you to offer far better customer service, encouraging more sales.