Bespoke Design & Development

Exigen is a bespoke software development company focused on supporting the growth of courier and retail businesses. Our two primary service offerings are – Iridium, our flagship software solution, and the bespoke digital design and development work we do for our clients to enhance their online presence and boost their business performance.

Our design and development services at a glance
For almost a decade and a half we have been creating digital solutions for innovative and forward-thinking clients. Our design and development services are available to work alongside our Iridium solution or to satisfy separate corporate goals:

  • Website design and development
    Your business needs the very best website to promote its services, solutions or products. Our team are highly skilled at designing striking, innovative ecommerce and brochure style websites for new ventures that are looking to launch with a bang or established businesses that understand the profit potential inherent in a revitalised brand image, speeding up their digital presence, or engaging with their audience at a deeper level.
  • App development
    Whether you are looking for a full browser-based or standalone desktop application, we can contribute the imagination and technical know-how to build something special for you. Using established coding languages, such as HTML5 and Javascript, we develop robust app solutions for any business.
  • WordPress plugins
    Big name brands such as news group CNN, courier and logistics firm DHL, training community TED, and technology commentators TechCrunch, are just a few of the tens of thousands of new websites a day being created on this flexible, robust and infinitely adaptable web development platform. We produce plugins – the additional functionality elements that can be added to WordPress sites to achieve specific social, engagement or business objectives.
  • Node.js-based solutions
    Node.js is the latest way of developing networking applications and websites. It’s more efficient, faster and easier to maintain than many of the current methods. And our team here at Exigen are excited to be one of the few working with this next generation platform.
  • Bespoke software solutions
    At its core Exigen is a software development firm – we’re techies with a strong focus on developing solutions to achieve specific business goals. If your organisation could benefit from greater automation, efficiencies or technological solutions then let our team know. We build bespoke software packages that connect, enhance, and boost businesses.
  • Copywriting and content strategy
    Because Exigen are dedicated to the task of helping clients to develop truly awesome businesses, we go one step further than simply offering technological solutions – we also provide content strategy advice and services through a trusted joint venture partner. Their 10 years crafting the most effective, engaging and sales-orientated copy for websites, print, social media and content marketing makes them experts in their field. And whether you are looking to raise your game or launch with a splash, they’d be more than happy to have a chat with you about how they may be able to help.