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What is DHL’s XML-PI?

XML-PI is DHL’s online integration platform, i.e. it provides a mechanism for software applications and websites to communicate directly with DHL’s systems. The DHL systems that can be accessed include:

  • Product Availability
  • Transit time and Rating
  • Shipment Booking
  • Courier Pickup Booking
  • Tracking services
  • Shipping Label Generation

XML-PI is a global system and can be used to access information for over 140 countries
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Why would you use XML-PI?

XML-PI can be used anytime you have an application or website that needs to either submit information to or retrieve information from DHL.

  • Couriers passing shipment bookings to DHL
  • Import companies generating labels for items that are then forwarded using DHL.
  • Websites that prove their customers with parcel tracking information, such as e-commerce sites shipping products.
  • Warehouse software generating shipping labels to be included with pick-lists.
  • Retailer websites proving tracking information.
  • Websites offering any sort of collection service, such as e-commerce sites offering product returns.
  • Exporters proving global shipments via DHL.

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How do you use XML-PI?

Once the business benefit of communicating directly with DHL via the XML-Pi system has been identified, the following steps are required:

  • Step 1: Contact your DHL account manager and inform them you wish to create a DHL Express Integration Solution (DHLIS).
  • Step 2: The DHL Customer Integration Management team will supply a copy of the XML-PI tool kit and documentation.
  • Step 3: Use a software developer or software development company to implement an interface to DHL (via XML-PI) within your website or software system.
  • Step 4: Request certification from DHL by providing the results as recommended in the Test Plan found in the XML-PI documentation. Once these are validated by a DHL representative, you are certified as production-ready.
  • Step 5: Once your implementation has been certified, you will receive access to production environment in order to go live and start using your application with DHL XML-PI Services

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Exigen & XML-PI?

From DHL’s website regarding XML-PI:

Once you receive the toolkit, you can access our Testing and Certification environment. Do ensure you have the development resources experienced with Web Services to work with this toolkit.

Exigen provide the development resource and expertise to implement an XML-PI integration.

Exigen can provide a number of off-the-shelf solutions that allow websites to start using some of the XML-PI services immediately. We also provide a software development service for creating full custom solutions.

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How much does integrating with XML-PI cost?

The advantage of using XML-PI is that it provides the flexibility to use the DHL services in the way that is going to provide maximum business benefit for your company.  Therefore there is no standard cost as each integration implementation will be slightly different.

Exigen have a number of off-the-shelf solutions that can be customised for different situations, these are significantly cheaper that custom development. We also have a number of pre-existing software libraries that speed up the integration process. Please use our contact page, or give us a call on 020 8995 0162 if you would like to get a quote for XML-PI integration.

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Can Exigen Help?

Exigen are experts in developing software for DHL XML-PI integration. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of XML-PI, so please feel free to phone us on 020 8995 0162 or drop us a line on our contact page.

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Useful links

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