Ecommerce is a booming sector, with annual growth in double figures and millions of new sites launching each year. So, when the competitive odds are against you it’s imperative that you do something really special to stand out from the crowd. Iridium offers you the means to do just this.

Iridium has been designed to seamlessly connect your retail website to as many couriers as you would like to give your customers access to. It’s cloud-based so it can be easily integrated into any existing or new website, and it’s an affordable, effective and flexible solution that adapts to the needs of your business.

So how does Iridium help you to stand out?
1.    Choice. Buyers love to feel in control, and one constant demand we have recognised in buyers across the digital market is the need for courier choice. For some it’s because they have one they prefer or trust and for others it’s simply the illusion of control. Whichever it is, courier choice has been shown to increase sales.
2.    Returns. One incredibly useful feature of Iridium is the Returns function that can be integrated into any website, even a non-ecommerce one, enabling your buyers to quickly and simply send back (and pay for the shipping of them where appropriate) items. Once again it has been proven that simple returns actually encourage greater numbers of sales.
3.    Simplicity. Iridium will perfectly integrate with your website, adding itself to your checkout process to allow buyers to select their delivery option of choice – not only the courier, but also the method or timing of the delivery, i.e. next day, same day, 2-3 day services, etc.
4.    Adaptability. Iridium offers an infinitely adaptable system for you to offer as much information and choice to your customers as you like, providing them with services and prices, tracking and payment solutions. It provides you with a sophisticated parcel management system, and it can generate all the Air Waybills and labels you or your warehouse or facilitation company will need to progress a delivery.
5.    Multiple site branding. If you have more than one ecommerce business, Iridium enables you manage all of your parcel booking and shipping services through one central hub, individually branding each site’s communications and labelling.

For more details about our flagship software solution view our Iridium page or our Iridium Features page. Alternatively, contact us today to find out how Iridium can help your business to achieve its growth and customer care goals.