Courier Comparison

Iridium is an incredibly useful dispatch/parcel booking management system for any courier comparison businesses. It enables you to not only manage the parcels and packages that are booked through your website, but to seamlessly connect to any number of couriers to carry your customer’s packages across the world.

The vast array of features and functions of our flagship courier comparison business solution will simplify your processes, automate to save time and improve accuracy, and offer the tools you need to drive your business towards greater success.

Iridium is a simple to integrate, cloud-based system which connects your customers to your courier partners via your website, combined with one of the most sophisticated booking and management systems available on the market today.

Basic facts:
•    Iridium is a complete booking management and carrier connection solution. It’s all your business will need.
•    It is far less costly than an in-house booking system.
•    Continuous support ensures all questions and issues are dealt with swiftly, leaving your technical chaps free to work on other systems to boost your business performance.
•    Regular upgrades to our central system ensure that it is not only robust and secure, but that it is maintained as the leading system of its kind.

For more details about our flagship software solution view our Iridium page or our Iridium Features page. Alternatively, contact us today to find out how Iridium can help your business to achieve its growth and customer care goals.