Iridium is our flagship cloud-based parcel shipping and returns solution software. If you are a retailer or a courier, a courier comparison website or are thinking of launching any of these ventures, then Iridium offers you the innovative full-service courier software and integration solution that you need.

What is Iridium?

  • It’s a parcel delivery booking management system for third party carriers or your own vehicle fleet.
  • It’s your direct connection to any or all national and international carriers.
  • It’s your product returns solution, even if you don’t have an ecommerce site.
  • It’s your fully customisable window on the services, prices and timings of your selected couriers.
  • It’s easily integrated into any existing website, or we could build you a new one.
  • It’s your opportunity to automate, speed up and enhance your company’s delivery or returns requirement.

Who needs Iridium?

  • Couriers
    From a small start-up carrier to an international market leader, all need access to the most cost-effective, affordable, efficient way to manage their fleet of vehicles, all client paperwork, shipping documentation and customer communications.
  • Courier comparison sites
    Iridium’s flexibility to connect to any or all of the major courier firms’ systems and to adapt to integration with smaller select carriers, to present all the services and prices available through them, and to do so in a simple and incredibly customisable way provides you with a powerful tool. Bring your customers and your courier partners closer together with Iridium.
  • Ecommerce retailers
    Your customers expect swift and simple delivery. So, whether you need to manage your own bookings and deliveries, or wish to offer customers the choice of one or more carriers, Iridium is a one-stop shop parcel shipping software solution.
  • High street retailers
    Many retailers do not sell online, but our incredibly useful Returns solution can be placed on any website, so traditional high street retailers can offer customers a quick and simple way of booking and paying for (where applicable) returns.


Iridium is powerful, flexible, customisable, and available free from long-term contracts. Because Iridium is cloud-based, it is quick and simple to install within any website. And, because it’s the culmination of over a decade of experience in the courier sector, it’s a complete parcel shipping and returns solution, connecting customers to carriers.

To discover more about the features of our Iridium software solution for all your courier connectivity needs click here.